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44 minutes: Pjanic picks up a yellow card for a noggin-gone wild lash at the direction of Alli. Not sure there was much contact, but that is not really the point. Juve look rattled, and want to listen to the half-time whistle to regroup. 43 minutes: A free kick for Juve at the Spurs half. Pjanic hooks it to the Spurs box and towards the left-handed post. Sandro matches it with his head, at close range, but it is wild and high. 41 min: Juventus have to score twice if they are to remain in this year's Champions League! Pjanic attempts to pull one of the objects back instantly, with a shot from the edge of the region which sails just wide left.

And today Son gets the chance he deserves! Eriksen plays Alli to the region down the inside-right channel. Trippier strikes low into the center. The ball evades Eriksen, who has kept running, but Son matches it on the left. Son miskicks, but the bobble confuses Buffon and Chiellini and rebounds almost apologetically to the web! Son cares not a jot and wheels off with a wide smile! 38 minutes: Dembele spins from a tight spot in the middle. He would get away, too, but Khedira includes a few of his top. That needs to be a booking, but the ref thinks a wag of the finger is sufficient. Spurs then launch an assault, and the irrepressible Son romps to the box down the left. So close! situs judi bola

Spurs might have had a penalty of their own in the 12th minute -- albeit a not as clear one -- when Giorgio Chiellini handled the ball with Harry Kane in close proximity and at this point it was clear that this wasn't going to be a night of strategic caginess. Dele Alli was filled with incisive running, together with Christian Eriksen never too far away, and the two of them were equally involved in the sweeping attack that resulted in Son's goal. The difficulty for Juve was that it went directly to Kieran Trippier and he'd seen that Son was unmarked when he could pick him out. Trippier rarely receives across wrong and Son had the great chance of hitting the shot against his position foot before the ball looped in almost in slow motion.

From that position of power, Spurs surely should have tried shutting down the game or playing with more intelligence. Yet Juve deserves tremendous credit for the fightback and had revealed from the beginning they were prepared to attack in numbers. The key for Spurs was to demonstrate they understood enough about this competition, having attained the quarter-finals just once before, to deal with the occasion. Then, in the 64th minute, the replacement Stephan Lichtsteiner crossed from the right, Sami Khedira won the initial header and when Higuaín implemented the decisive touch to score at the far post the rate at which the match changed in Juve's favor was terrifying.

Suddenly the volume went inside Wembley and it quickly got worse. Juve seemed to feel their hosts were rattled and, however naive Spurs appeared in these minutes, it was an excellent bit of forwarding play from Higuaín to deliver Dybala running clear and a marvelous finish to provide the Italians a 4-3 aggregate lead.


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For Spurs, it will be of little solace that these are the type of nights -- with the volume turned up, the play near-unremitting and softball soccer at its most attractive -- which will make the Champions League feel so special. This might have been one of the nights for this club and it was. It turned into a reminder they have a lot and they might have to accept. It would be unpleasant to be overly cruel when, over the 2 legs, Mauricio Pochettino's side played some exhilarating attacking football against nine-time finalists, scored three times against a side which hadn't conceded a Serie A goal since December and were ploughing forward in these heart-stopping minutes when Harry Kane's 90th-minute header came off the turf, thudded against the article and, agonisingly, bounced across the goal-line prior to being hacked clear.

And if there's one thing we know with that experience in their line, about the champions, is they understand how to shield a benefit. Having battled back from two goals down to secure a 2-2 draw in the first leg in Turin last month, Tottenham understood a clean sheet will be sufficient to complete the task and add Juve into the scalps of Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. Yet Spurs set about the match like they thought the very thing which has made Juve's defense so parsimonious -- all that huge experience -- could be turned in the favor of the home team if their front players could prove they were fitter and quicker. agen sbobet

If Son was the outstanding player, possibly it wasn't a surprise that his motion and nimble feet created so many problems when his mark for the night was a month or two by the 37th birthday. Barzagli carried out the attack so skilfully it was tempting to admire the way the guy could perform this act without anybody bar Son seemingly noticing. Finally, however, it all told us was that Son had been exercised by the warrior had the beating of him. Not that Spurs should whine too vehemently about that episode bearing in mind the home side's good luck, at 0-0, when Douglas Costa hastened past Jan Vertonghen to the penalty area and the Spurs player made the mistake of diving against a player he couldn't catch.

It was a clear penalty and bewildering, to say the least, the group of Polish game officials decided to provide Vertonghen the benefit of the uncertainty, compounded by the fact that the Champions League applies an excess assistant referee behind the perimeter line of the playground. These assistants don't need to do a tremendous amount of work during games and Juve are eligible to be aggrieved that the relevant one here didn't alert the referee, Szymon Marciniak, about what had occurred. The closest linesman also had a nice view, although it may also be argued that Marciniak shouldn't have had any help to know it was a clear infringement. For Spurs, it was an enormous let-off.

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